'90s Nostalgia Week, Theme Week

Remember the '90s? Sure, we're all super nostalgic about the decade now. We love the family sitcoms, the classic Halloween children's movies, the catchphrases that just will not die

But then there were the darker times. We speak of JNCOs. We speak of golf visors. We speak of T-shirts with pictures of the Looney Tunes on them. Those fashion trends are the ones we would like to forget, and the trends that remind us that sometimes the grass is greener in 2016. 

And common folk weren't the only people who fell prey to these '90s missteps: Even the stars of the much-beloved family sitcoms we spoke of couldn't resist the temptation of, say, backwards jerseys. E! News spoke to none other than Jodie Sweetin, she of Full House and now Fuller House fame (which, dedicated viewers should take note, will finally return to Netflix on December 9), in honor of our current celebrations of all things '90s. 

And boy does Sweetin have a few thoughts on the aforementioned unfortunate trends. She was in middle school for the bulk of the decade, which provided for maximum awkwardness. Luckily, she has quite the sense of humor about it! She copped to falling prey dark maroon lipstick most strongly, but she also had to admit that she dressed like Kris Kross on the first day of school. And yes, that means full-on backwards clothing. Thanks for that, Kris. 

That said, the star, who can also be seen in POP TV's Hollywood Darlings in 2017, was able to find a silver lining in the decades trends. She chose oversized flannels as the era's best fashion statement, because, as we can all attest, the plaid is still rockin' even to this day. 

Ever the good sport, Jodie also indulged us in a little game of The '90s or Now. With so many aspects of that decade of yesteryear popping back up in the zeitgeist today, we just had to find out whether she thinks all of our favorite things are best in the present day, or have her longing for the past.

We'll give you a little hint: She's partial to the fashion of 2016, and the music of the '90s. Where does she rest on the ever-important topics of catch phrases, television and plastic surgery? Well, you'll just have to watch to find out. 

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