Do not—we repeat, do not—eat popcorn when watching a movie with Tyler Perry.

The multimedia entertainment mogul explains why in the latest installment of our "Going to the Movies With" series.

We sat down with Perry while he was promoting Boo! A Madea Halloween, the ninth film in his hit Madea franchise. In Boo!, Madea faces off with zombies, ghosts and more while taking care of a group of rowdy teens on Halloween night.

I Love My Popcorn With: "I don't like popcorn and I think it's so annoying when people have popcorn in the theaters. That is the loudest food. It's great for a big, loud blockbuster where you can't hear it, but if you're watching a nice, intimate, soft movie, you don't want to hear people chewing all through the [movie]."

My Favorite Movie Candy: "I'll do a Twizzler every now and then, [but] rarely. I sit, watch and don't eat. I drink."

Boo! A Madea Halloween, Tyler Perry


My Favorite Animated Movie: "Anything from Pixar."

The Last Movie That Made Me Cry: "Loving."

My Favorite Line From a Movie: "All my life, I had to fight" from The Color Purple.

The Movie That Scares Me the Most: "I don't do scary movies. [Boo! A Madea Halloween] isn't scary. This is funny. I don't do scary movies."

My Favorite Song From a Movie: "Céline Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On'" from Titanic.

If I Could Have Dinner With One Movie Character, It Would Be: "Al Pacino in Scarface."

Boo! A Madea Halloween is in theaters now.

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