E! News' Catt Sadler caught up with Kris Jenner earlier this week who gave us an update on Kim Kardashian following the terrifying incident in which five men gained entry into her Paris apartment and bound, gagged and held her at gunpoint before stealing $11 million worth of jewelry.

"It's a process," Jenner explained. "One day at a time. It's a process." Kris also noted that she has been "doing what a mother does" by having loved ones gather around Kim and making sure she feels safe. Kris also notes that right now, Kim's main focus is her family spending time with her kids.

The comments come just a few days before new evidence emerged Thursday that may help in tracking down the five men who were allegedly involved in the robbery.

France's M6 news (via TMZ) has just released a security video from street-side cameras that shows the alleged robbers nearing the reality star's Paris apartment around 2:19 a.m. on October 3. According to the time code on the footage, the alleged suspects then fled the apartment about 49 minutes later. Two of the men were on foot and three of them rode off on bicycles.

The footage also shows one of the men wearing a backpack.

Meanwhile, like Kris, Kanye West has reiterated the importance of people visiting his wife at her home, too.

In fact, during his Saint Pablo tour stop in Seattle on Wednesday, he didn't address anyone by name, but he did tell the crowd, "Don't call me after the robbery to ask how I'm feeling, you wanna know how I'm feeling come by the house," he said, adding, "Bring your kids to the house. Like brothers, let's sit down."

Kim has remained secluded in her home, only reappearing one time last week in Beverly Hills while grabbing a bite to eat with a friend, looking somber in an all-black ensemble with a hood covering her face.

Kim Kardashian, Exclusive

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A source recently told us she has a long way to recover before returning to the spotlight. "Kim is doing better but she still has a long way to recover from the robbery," the insider revealed. "She has been receiving some professional counseling. Her friends and family have been really supportive. Her sisters and mom have been checking on her every day."

Though the source said Kanye stays home with her and the kids, North West and Saint West, as much as he can, he's in the middle of touring and she struggles when she's by herself. "Kim is very paranoid still when she is alone. She has been having flashbacks and hasn't been sleeping well," the source explained. "Her security is always around her now."

In fact, aside from canceling several public events, Kim also plans to lay low as she rings in her 36th birthday Friday.

Another source told E! News, "Kim's birthday is going to be a very quiet celebration this year. She has no plans on making a big bash. She will have an intimate birthday with her immediate family."

The insider added,  "She is not in any celebrating mood yet. Kanye is trying to do whatever he can to make her feel better, but it's just the constant memories of the robbery that keep on messing with her." 

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