French Onion Barb, Stranger Things


When you watched Barb's lifeless body in the Upside Down, did you think to yourself, "Damn, she looks delicious," or were you like every single normal human on this earth and completely grossed out by her gooey remains? While we hope for your sake it was the former, apparently, Netflix thought her fear-frozen face would taste hella good floating in a bowl of French onion soup. Whatever the eff is going on with everyone who made this Stranger Things recipe is unclear, but it exists, and we're warning you, it is foul. The recipe starts out as a lovely French onion soup but then transforms into something that can't be unseen. Barbs head, made from dough, floats around in the bowl, gets covered with strips of cheese, and torched in the face to melt it down. All this nasty jazz to give her that chic trapped-in-goo look. So delicious, right? 

There's even a little dough Barb, about to climb into the pool (of soup). The best part of all of this is that the name of this dish is "French Onion Barb," which makes up for the fact that it looks like edible hell. "Poor Barb... but she tastes so good," reads the caption of the video. Pretend this sentence is the crying emoji. Because Barb's face in a bowl wasn't gross enough, Netflix went ahead and threw out another recipe; Demogorgon Pie.

Honestly, the whole 'eating the face of a teenager' thing was hard enough to wrap our heads (ha) around. And yet, they just had to throw in some more nasty. In fact, it looks like something that could put you inside of its mouth, as opposed to you trying to do the same. They nailed all the spiked teeth and stringy crap it's got going on; that's for sure. Oh! What do you know; the caption for this video happens to be "Eat the pie, or be eaten by the pie." How fitting.

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