Kelly Clarkson broke some sort of awesomeness record while taking the E!Q in 42.

Seriously, we didn't set out to have this be a competition, but Kelly just won all the same.

Blazing through our questions about wake-up times, bed size, sex vs. naps, Prince William vs. Prince Harry and more, the vibrant singer and children's book author happily—and quite thoughtfully—shared all sorts of insight into what makes her tick.

Such as the reason she and Prince Harry wouldn't get along, etc.

Let's just say, River Rose and Remington Alexander Blackstock have a very wise mama. 

Meanwhile, Clarkson's latest project had a musical theme, though it wasn't music—rather, she penned her first children's book, River Rose and the Magical Lullaby, which debuted Oct. 4. And yes, she does have plans for a series.

"I would have loved her life when I was a kid," Clarkson said of her eldest child, who turned 2 in June, when she sat down with E! News to talk family, parenting, music and book-writing.

Another album is also in the works, her first since her American Idol-issued contract with RCA and 19 Recordings finally came to an end with Piece by Piece.

Noting that she loved the songs she sang during that chapter of her career, Clarkson added, "I'm now working with a team that has the same vision as me, and we're making the album I wanted to make since forever."

Sounds like a whole bunch of magical lullabies waiting to happen.

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