Dracula's House

Courtesy AirBnB

Calling all scare lovers!

We know how it is. It's the Halloween season, your favorite time of year, and you're just craving some spooky October vibes. You try haunted houses, but they're more cheesy than anything else. You can watch all the scary movies you can get your hands on, but they're just so...one-dimensional. Then there's that whole clown epidemic, but that's a little too real. So what's a Halloween junkie to do?

You get an Airbnb in Transylvania. 

Yes, that is a serious suggestion. The homestay company, which is making a name for itself as a purveyor of totally crazy getaways, just launched its latest totally-out-there contest. Airbnb is offering up the opportunity to spend Halloween night at Dracula's Castle—which is technically in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania, but it may as well be Transylvania. 

Here's how the big event will go: You'll arrive to the castle courtesy of a horse-drawn carriage (the jury is out as to whether it's a headless horse-drawn carriage), where you'll be met by the evening's host, who just happens to be the great-grandnephew of the 1897 novel's author, Bram Stoker. He also fancies himself to be something of a vampire connoisseur and the leading expert on "Transylvanian lore," a genre we didn't even know existed until now.

Guests will be able to explore the entire castle at their leisure, which, according to Airbnb, consists of over 57 rooms, towers and secret passageways. Once darkness falls, the real fun begins—sleeping quarters are located in the crypt.

Yes, we said crypt

You'll be able to cozy right up in a velvet coffin and, well, do whatever it is that people laying in velvet coffins are supposed to. If this sounds like your kind of fun (seriously, what's wrong with you?), then apply here. All you have to do is submit an essay that answers the question: "What would you say to the Count if you were to come face-to-fang with him in his own castle?" Your move.

Oh, and it's worth mentioning that, should you win, there are a few ground rules. All curtains must be closed before sunrise. Nothing in the home may be placed in a cross formation. And, of course, no garlic or silver allowed.

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