Hilary Duff, Ellen DeGeneres, Ghostbusters

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When you want to be a bonafide Ghostbuster, you need the right car. 

Ellen DeGeneres understands. While having Hilary Duff on her daytime talk show, the host learned that the Younger star's 4-year-old son, Luca, is quite a fan of the summer blockbuster remake. 

"He wants to be a Ghostbuster this year," the actress said of her only son. "He's obsessed with Ghostbusters, obsessed with Slimer. He learned the whole song...it's so good. He's so serious about it, you guys."

Duff wasn't joking. They proceeded to show footage of Luca belting out the song with such enthusiasm, you couldn't help but sing along. DeGeneres was so impressed by Luca's interest, she had a custom Ecto-1 made for the tot, complete with real steam flowing out of it.

"He's going to freak out!" Duff said about the surprise. "Do I fit in this thing? It has steam coming out of it! He's going to lose his mind."

The proud mom has been candid with E! News about all that being a mom means to her, particularly after growing up in the spotlight. 

"I've also been very honest about this that I don't know how much time I have to put into [music]. I don't have dreams to go on a world tour anymore," she admitted. "Maybe some day, but right now, my life is so full and busy enough with the show. I love music, it's in me, it's a part of me but I look at my kid and go you're a teenager already…It's scary to think time is going by so fast and I want to be present for all of that," she told E! in late September.

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"Honestly, I'm so pumped to be a soccer mom and making lunches to pack to school and not being on anybody else's schedule for a minute."

While Duff still juggles the challenges of raising a youngster, she can't help but relish in the subtle, but special moments. 

"There's been a few challenges but he's, I guess how well he communicates and how funny he is and getting to see his imagination just kind of go wild, like when he's playing with his toys and I am cooking dinner or I'm hanging back and not necessarily like, all up in his business, to hear the stories he comes up with with his toys, it's so imaginative," she told E! News

"It makes me like, so proud. I'm like, 'Oh my gosh, what's going on inside that little head of yours?' It's so sweet. He's really like, a kind boy, so I'm very lucky."

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