James Corden, Lady Gaga


It's official! The next star to take the passenger seat with James Corden for Carpool Karaoke is none other than Mother Monster, herself—Lady Gaga!

Gaga took to Twitter last night to spill the beans by posting a photo of herself with the late-night talk show host and wrote, "Had a lil fun with @JKCorden today! coming soon! #CARPOOLKARAOKE

1. "Just Dance": How can they not go back to the beginning of it all? Seriously, if they don't sing her first hit, we're going to be very bothered.

2. "Poker Face": This is another classic Gaga track that needs to be highlighted. Plus it's a great one to belt out in the car.

3. "Paparazzi": Can you just picture it now? They're driving past all the shutterbugs snapping photos on Rodeo Drive and singing the tune about paps. It's a perfect opportunity that should not be missed.

4. "Telephone": So, this is how we envision this going down—Gaga texts her girl Beyoncé (kinda like when Jennifer Lopez hit up Leonardo DiCaprio during her Carpool Karaoke). Her and Corden have a chuckle and also moment of amazement, because holy s--t, she just text Bey, and then start singing this fierce track featuring Queen B.

5. "Don't Stop Believing": Let's throw a karaoke favorite in there, yes? This Journey track is a known go-to, and even Gaga has lent her vocals to covering this song.

6. "Three-Way (The Golden Rule)": Who could forget this Saturday Night Live digital short? Plus, you know we gotta have some guest appearances up in here, so what better way than to put Justin Timberlake or Andy Samberg (or both!) in the backseat, to relive this hilarious song?!

7. "Perfect Illusion": C'mon, that's an obvious choice. You know they'll close with her latest release, which could even lead into her most recent song "Million Reasons."

Regardless of what these two decide to belt out while buckled up, we absolutely can't wait to sing along with them when their Carpool Karaoke airs.

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