Matt Damon, Idina Menzel, Jimmy Kimmel Live


Idina Menzel just wants to meet Matt Damon.

The Wicked star appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday and confessed to host Jimmy Kimmel that while she was disappointed the late-night host never went backstage to meet her, she was even more let down by Damon's consistent act of being a no-show.

"I always dreamed of Matt Damon coming back[stage]," she admitted. "I'm sorry!"

She apologized for her "movie star crush" on Damon, of course, because of Kimmel's ongoing feud with the Jason Bourne star. But the level of her crush only added to the hurt she would feel when he didn't turn up for her hit Broadway show. "

"I'd hit the high note for Matt Damon, and it turned out he was never there," Menzel confessed. 

One time her friends and co-stars confirmed that he would be attending, but it turned out he "got the tickets for his mom and dad."

"What a son of a bitch," Kimmel quipped.

Eventually, Damon showed up...but with someone else in tow. "He was there with his wife," Menzel said. "He looked like he hated Wicked. He just seemed to hate me. I think he hated me."

The heartbroken Frozen star looked so sad that Kimmel decided he would make it up to her—by confronting Damon. Waiting in a messy dressing room that happened to feature a dartboard with Kimmel as the target, Damon gets video conferenced in to apologize to Menzel.

"I'm kind of hurt by this. I loved Wicked," Damon told an embarrassed Menzel. "I loved Idina in it. I was in London last year and we went back again. I was so moved."

Clearly moved (but turning a deep shade of crimson), Menzel continued to chat with Damon but Kimmel, visibly annoyed by Damon's presence, cut it off. "Sorry, we don't have time."

The feud might still live on, but at least Menzel got her apology.

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