Get ready to see a lot of Natalie Portman this award season.

The actress, who took home an Oscar for her work in 2010's Black Swan, will likely earn many nominations for her portrayal of Jacqueline Kennedy in Jackie, the upcoming Fox Searchlight film about the first lady's hours and days following JFK's assassination.

A new teaser trailer opens with Portman looking out from a car at the thousands of people who lined the streets for the president's funeral procession in 1963. Richard Harris singing the title song from Camelot plays over the footage.

We then see Portman as Jackie celebrating their son John F. Kennedy Jr.'s third birthday, her iconic televised tour of the White House and a dance with the president.


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The score slowly begins to haunt as we see glimpses of the assassination, the funeral and Jackie in the shower washing her husband's blood off her body. Quick snippets show her drinking wine, smoking a cigarette and arguing with her brother-in-law Robert Kennedy (Peter Sarsgaard).

Sarsgaard gushed over Portman's work when I talked to him last month at the Toronto International Film Festival. "She was perfect," he said. "It's perfect."

Sarsgaard admitted he was nervous about playing Bobby Kennedy. "Bobby was somebody I always really admired so it was a real challenge," he said. "I had to be convinced by a number of people because my first reaction was, 'No way. I can't play Bobby Kennedy. I admire Bobby Kennedy too much.'"

Directed by Pablo Larraín, Jackie's cast also includes Greta Gerwig, Billy Crudup and John Hurt.

Jackie will be released in select theaters on Dec. 2.

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