Guns N Roses

Look out, Guns N' Roses fans: a reunion may be in the works for the long-separated '90s rock band.

The group has made several conspicuous online updates as of late, including a redux of the band's website to include GNR's old logo—silver revolvers and red roses from its Appetite for Destruction album cover.

The band has also not-so-subtly updated its Facebook page with a new profile pic featuring a live crowd. Time for a tour?

Footage from what appears to be the same shots surfaced during some screenings of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which reportedly included a series of crowd shots accompanied by one of the band's famed tunes, "Welcome to the Jungle."

The group's maybe-reunion comes off the tails of a reconciliation between two of Guns N' Roses' main players, front man Axl Rose and lead guitarist Slash, who left the group in 1996 following a largely publicized feud.

The band has yet to announce reunion plans in any official capacity. But if a public reconciliation and a series of less-than-subtle whispers of a GNR-revamp is any indication, it seems Guns n' Roses fans may be in for a long-awaited treat. And it may include more than a live return to the stage.


Back in July, guitarist Richard Fortus claimed that the band is holding onto a cache of new material and, as he told French mag VrdamMnis, has plenty of material to dish out "a new album as soon as possible."

But not so fast, GNR groupies. While it seems a Guns N' Roses reunion may indeed be in the works, when that comeback may break is another matter entirely. "We don't know just yet," said band guitarist Dizzy Reed. "Only Axl knows and he's very secretive."

Secrets aside, if the recent batch of mysterious promos is any indication, it seems an announcement may be forthcoming sooner rather than later.

To date, Guns N'Roses has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide.

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