Selena Gomez, Christopher Mason, Demi Lovato

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We knew this guy looked familiar!

As soon as Selena Gomez released her steamy new music video for "Hands to Myself," fans were glued to many scenes in the three-minute plus clip. Whether she was stripping down to her lingerie or going topless in the bathtub, the 23-year-old had no trouble showing off her killer figure.

Throughout the music video, however, there was a man named Christopher Mason who provided some serious eye candy for viewers.

In between going shirtless and getting extra close to Gomez, there was one question fans couldn't help but ask: Haven't we see this hunk before?

With a little investigating, we found a surprise fact: It looks like he appeared in a music video for the one and only Demi Lovato!

The Los Angeles based model appeared in the 2009 finished product for "Here We Go Again" as Lovato's love interest.

While rocking out in concert, it's Mason who grabs the singer's attention from the audience. We'll try not to spoil everything, but something happens backstage where sparks may or may not fly. Hey, you've had six years to find out what happened!

Before you start over embellishing or speculating that Gomez was "stealing" Lovato's co-star, these two music superstars are all good last time we checked.

Back in September, the pair snapped a selfie where Lovato assured fans that her negative comments in Complex were in the past and not reflective of their relationship today.

"[A] lot can change between then and now," the "Cool for the Summer" singer shared. "Don't read into the bulls--t." Besides, we have a feeling many will be thinking more Mason equals less problems. 

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