Martin Sheen


Martin Sheen is on the mend.

Emilio Estevez tweeted a photo of the 75-year-old actor giving a thumbs up after his "successful proactive quadruple bypass surgery this past weekend." Sheen, who holds an anatomical heart plush held playfully in the picture, appears to be in good spirits, and Estevez noted that the heart procedure undergone by "My Pop" was "A great blessing indeed!"

Estevez posted another note on The Way the movie's Facebook page (Sheen starred in the movie, which Estevez co-starred and directed). In it, he reiterated "the decision to operate on his [Sheen's] heart was a proactive one, not an emergency situation."

Estevez noted that his mother, Janet Sheen, and other members of the family were by the actor's side, adding that "under the coordination of his extraordinary team of cardiologists, doctors and nurses, my father displayed great courage, strength and humility as he took on this challenge."

"Not surprisingly, he is recovering beautifully, out of the ICU and is expected to not only be home for Christmas, but be 100% by the time he returns to work on season three of the Netflix series, Grace and Frankie early next year," wrote Estevez.

Estevez asked for fans' continued well wishes for Sheen, writing," Please lift him up and keep him in your prayers...May God Bless you during the Christmas holidays and we wish a wonderful New Year to all."

On another note, Martin Sheen's son Charlie Sheen's doctor speaks out the former Two and a Half Men star's HIV diagnosis and why he waited to go public with it in the video below.

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