OMG Whip!!! With Santa! Video is a bit shaky because I was laughing so hard!

Posted by Natalie Rose Shevsky on Monday, December 14, 2015

If you've ever felt like you're just not quite getting a dance move down but don't really give a hoot because you know you're still fly, then this little girl is your new hero.

Elyse, an adorable dance student at Bev's Dance Studio & Lily Pad in Michigan, is trying to learn the dance that took over the nation: The Whip/Nae Nae. Almost everyone looks awkward doing it (lookin' at you, Matt Damon!) but Elyse stays with the song and powers through with her own version of the moves. A leg kick here. A jump there. And all while looking sassy as all get out. Oh, and Santa is there, too. Because why not?!

Elyse, you are now an Internet icon. Never stop dancing because you are killing the game, girl!

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