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The moment of truth has arrived! Time to find out who outwitted, outplayed and outlasted their fellow castaways in the season finale of Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance, a.k.a. the 31st season of the reality series that saw fan-favorite contestants (voted in by the audience) return for their shot at the $1 million.

So, who was named Sole Survivor by their peers? Let's take a look at how the two-plus-hour finale, hosted by Jeff Probst, went down.

Six contestants remained heading into the final episode: Spencer Bledsoe (season 28), Jeremy Collins (season 29), Tasha Fox (season 28), Kimmi Kappenberg (season two), Keith Nale (season 29) and Kelley Wentworth (season 29), and, in their final days in Cambodia, also contained the absolute craziest tribal council in the history of Survivor.

Three votes each went to Wentworth and Jeremy—but since they had hidden Immunity Idols, none of the votes counted. Spencer also had immunity, which meant Tasha, Kimmi and Keith were the only ones available for elimination. After a re-vote, Tasha and Kimmi were tied. The safe four players discussed who they thought should go home, and Keith decided to change his vote to Kimmi. The tribe had spoken, and she went home.

Jeff Probst, Survivor

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Let's be clear: This was so confusing and unprecedented that it required Probst to explain via illustration, and even then it didn't really make that much sense.

The game continued, with Keith going home next. Jeremy won the final Immunity Challenge, and Wentworth was sent home in the final Tribal Council. That left the final three contestants to argue their cases to the ten-person jury, which ultimately decided who would win the grand prize.

Back in L.A., Probst read the votes from the final Tribal Council. After six votes in a row, the tall-haired host (seriously, it was more voluminous than normal, right?) named father-to-be Jeremy (his wife was expecting a baby boy!) the winner of Survivor: Second Chance. The dad of two (soon to be three!) has the honor of beating his fellow returnees in what was definitely one of the best seasons in Survivor history, and even secured a unanimous vote in the process.

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