The Good Wife, KSR, Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski, Alan Cumming


After six years, The Good Wife secret is finally out. And oh boy, I can't wait to see what comes next. Yes, Eli finally came clean about deleting Alicia's voicemail from Will all those years ago. The look Julianna Margulies conveyed on Alicia said it all. I'm sure it was the look on every viewers' face as well. Disgust, heartbreak, anger, pain…it was everything. But let's rewind a bit to the other happenings of the episode that proceeded this big moment.

Things certainly started on a creepy note with an entirely empty Lockhart/Agos office, cell phones neatly lined up on a conference table, all of Cary's calls going unanswered. For a second I thought it was going to be something super sensational, like hostages or suicides, but nope. The associates walked out. They didn't steal files or wipe servers, they just never started working on the Dipple case, so they could hop over to Louis Canning's firm without any conflicts. "It's nothing person," they told Cary. "We like you, we jut don't want to be like you."

Oh, Cary also came face to face with the maybe gay attorney, so you can begin writing your fanfic about what happened after their showdowns this episode.

The Good Wife, KSR, Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski, Alan Cumming


Anyway, Diane, Howard, David Lee and Cary had to scramble to try and get their strategy in order. Diane ended up hiring Monica Timmons (the black woman who posted the video of all their racism) and then Cary tricked the white dudes into coming back to the firm just so he could tell them their strategy in the Dipple case that Canning was opposition on, then fire them and prevent them from going over to his side. Diane watched it all.

"God, that was fun," she said after the white dude associates were escorted out. Then the best thing happened: Cary and Diane high-fived. It wasn't the sly high-five that Will and Diane once shared, nothing will ever top that. This was an aggressive, "YEAH MAN!" move.

Alicia's case involved guest star Josh Stamberg (of The Affair fame), a prominent surgeon accused of plotting to KSR (kidnap, sedate, rape) the mom of one of his patients. The judge from bond court was the judge here and he was being a little hard on Alicia, so she confronted him about his bias and the whole FBI bribe thing. It kind of backfired…until it didn't. He vacated the jury's verdict and moved for acquittal. Was it because Alicia knew about the bribe? Once again, Alicia saw the dark side of the law and politics.

The Good Wife, KSR, Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski, Alan Cumming


Meanwhile, Ruth asked Courtney L. Williams (that's what I'll be calling Vanessa L. Williams' character) to hire Jason away from Alicia…AND SHE DID, because she assumed that's what Eli wanted. This caused some very good Alicia and Eli scenes. Jason couldn't turn down the money and he was off to the land of fleece and ironic beards. When he went to say goodbye to Alicia in the bar (where she was drinking some type of whiskey this time) their tension was palpable. I felt like Sebastian from The Little Mermaid singing "Kiss the Girl." They didn't. Instead she watched him leave and probably thought to herself, "Damn."

Eli and Courtney L. Williams did the deed and she broke the news that their tryst was over. She was heading back to California to go to her true passion: her job. This greatly upset Eli, who up until this point I thought should be asexual, and he went to his only friend: Alicia. But Alicia isn't Eli's friend. She's sick of his paranoia and meddling. Yet she made him drink (perhaps with her finger—am I the only one who finds it weird that she always uses her finger to make her little margaritas?) and listened to him. He urged her to call Jason, he didn't want to interfere.

"I don't know why I'm tell you this, Alicia, but I want you to be happy. Call Jason," he said.

And that's when he dropped the voicemail bombshell.

"I never let you hear it and I've been sick about it ever since and I don't want to stand in the way of your happiness ever again," he said. "That's why I'm sorry."

Alicia was silent.

"Get out."

Gasp count: One really, really long one right at the end.

Some other things:
The people are scum convo between Alicia and Lucca was so good. Lucca embodies all of you?

"It's people. They're all scum."
"Damaged much?"
"No, observant. Don't expect anything of anybody and you'll never bad disappointed."
"That's a sad way to live."

The Lockhart/Agos business with not understanding young people has gotten a bit too goofy for my taste. It just feels…off.  I wish the writers had found another storyline and direction for Cary and Diane.

Will Eli tell Alicia about the election?

The Good Wife airs Sundays, 9 p.m. on CBS.

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