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Sarah Michelle Gellar is all about getting her hands dirty in the kitchen with her two kiddos, Charlotte and Rocky, which is why she helped create the culinary lifestyle brand called Foodstirs.

Foodstirs has a mission to "offer better quality, convenient and delicious products that help families create meaningful experiences in the kitchen" and has become a major part of Gellar's life in both her career and motherhood.

"It's not an endorsement. It's my company," she tells E! News' Carissa Loethen. "We've been here from the beginning, testing recipes, creating. I have my food handler's license. I pack the boxes! This has been blood, sweat and tears—a lot of tears—to make this happen. But I knew if we didn't do this someone else would."

She says that while her acting career has seen success, this was something more hands-on and exciting.

"I think it was about challenging myself, and I think that's really important to do things that you've never tried," she says. "I've been pretty successful in my main career, like, I'm doing okay. It could be easy just to play it safe and do that. I really wanted to try something that I hadn't done—something that was my own that I could create from inception and see it grow."

As for her celebrity "competitors" in the lifestyle department—like Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Alba—Gellar says they actually aren't really competing at all.

"It's exactly the opposite. It's extremely supportive," the actress explains. "Reese was one of the first people to try one of our boxes…I think that it's very hard to be a working mom, and especially in this business. So to be able to have that duality where you can still have your career but be a part of your family and have that active presence, I think you just want to be able to support that and support your peers and your colleagues that do it."

Speaking of motherhood, Gellar says watching her children become mini-chefs throughout the whole process with Foodstirs has been incredibly joyful.

"Watching my daughter explore!" she says of the best part about her kids getting in the kitchen. "She loves to make pizza. To her all food is good, and she just wants to try it. We grow our own vegetables, and we grow our own herbs. I'm just so proud at the chef that she's become and the pride that she takes and the ownership."

While she says her kids' favorite meal to make is pizza, they actually haven't tried many other unhealthy things.

 "I don't think my kids have ever had soda," Gellar reveals. "They've never really had fast food either because I don't really see a need for it in our lifestyle. There's other foods I can prepare quickly that are still going to be better for them."

She adds, "But I'm sure at some point they'll try that. I just want them to know that there are other options and better options and that was may seem simplest and cheapest is not necessarily true."

Check out her full interviews in the videos above!

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