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Scream Queens


Read only if you've seen all of tonight's Scream Queens finale!

Now THAT was just an insanely fun time.

Scream Queens' first season went out with a bang—both literally (RIP, pizza guy) and figuratively, as we were served up some of the finest comedy moments of the entire TV season, and the reveal of the final Red Devil, which was on point.

The final killer was, of course, Hester (Lea Michele), and she got away with it—after gouging a Jimmy Choo into her own eye (see what Lea has to say about that horrible scene below!), and framing the three Chanels, who went on to gleefully eat fried chicken and live out dreams they never knew they had in the Palmer Asylum for the Clinically Insane.

Just. So. Good.

So what does this mean for season two? Creator Ryan Murphy has said that he planned to have four or five characters stick around. So, given where everyone ended up, does that mean it's Group A) Grace (Skyler Samuels), Zayday (Keke Palmer), Munch (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Hester (Lea Michele)? Or Group B) Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts), Chanel #3 (Billie Lourd) and Chanel #5 (Abigail Breslin, who was cast in ABC's Dirty Dancing remake today) and The Red Devil (Lea Michele?).

Most likely, of course, it is a mixture of the two in an all-new location with an all-new mystery that includes some sort of time jump. Sources on the show say that nothing will be truly hammered out until Fox (fingers crossed) gives the official pickup for season two. But one thing you can bet on is that both Emma Roberts and Lea Michele are staying put, assuming the show returns. Emma herself has said she definitely wants to return (and let's be honest: Can you see a world in which she and Lea are no longer a part of this show?) And Lea says she's already been chatting with Ryan about her return.

"I've talked to Ryan about what her role would be in the next season being that she was the killer this year and the fact is that she gets away with it," Lea reveals. "So Hester would be there. And how funny would it be if all these killings started happening again, and if they found out that she was The Red Devil, she could just be like, I'm really NOT doing it this year, I promise? We've talked about how she then would unfold into another season."

Of course, there was that moment we all thought Hester might have been dead, courtesy of a Jimmy Choo stiletto to the eye. And as it turns out, acting out that scene may have been worse than watching it! Check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes pics Lea shared with us, and read on for more scoop...

Scream Queens


Scream Queens


That stiletto in the eye was so awful! What was it like shooting it?
We literally did it a bunch of different ways. First, we had this crazy prosthetic over my eye. I'd never had a prosthetic before and I was not excited about it. They put the prosthetic over my eye and my eye was closed underneath it. Then they shot it a couple of different ways. First we did it where they taped the shoe to the corner of my eye and placed the heel right here. This was like a super sharp Jimmy Choo heel, which was really scary. Then they did it where the shoe was on a crane with a little hook attached to my neck brace. So it was dangling right at me. And I was like OH MY GOD. This is so crazy! Between that and being buried up to my neck in the pilot, those were the top two craziest moments.

So now you can tell us honestly. When did you find out you were the killer? Did you know all along?
No! Honestly. I found about Scream Queens in October of last year while shooting Glee, and Ryan said it's starting off with a neck brace and there will be a makeover and it's Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis. So my purpose of being on the show was Ryan giving me this incredible opportunity to play a different character after Glee. I didn't think I'd be the killer. I thought, ‘This is such an amazing thing, such an amazing gift I'm being given and I'm sure it ends there.' So my brain was focused on two things. One was making her a real character, making the neck brace not too over the top, and two, making sure that I didn't die. So that was my focus. Whatever I had to do, whatever gift I had to give Ryan, I just wanted to stay on the show. It was never, ‘Am I the killer?'

When did you actually find out?
We were in New York in October and Keke [Palmer] and Emma [Roberts] were there as well, and I said, ‘Did you get the final script?' And they said, ‘Yeah, we got it.' I was like, ‘Oh, who's the killer?' And Keke said, ‘It's you.' And she just said it so nonchalantly. ‘It's you. And you get away with it.' And I went up to Ryan and he said, ‘Are you happy?' And I said, ‘First of all, I don't want to die, I want to come back next season. If I'm the killer…' And he said, ‘You get away with it. Don't worry.' The whole season, he was so frustrated with me asking if I was going to die that finally at the premiere party, he was like ‘Bitch, you're not gonna die.' But I just love the show and I love being on it and thinking now that they wrote this character for me in mind to be the killer is like, too much.

Scream Queens


Did you honestly worry they would kill you off?
Yes! When I got thrown down the stairs I texted Brad Falchuk and was like, ‘Love you. But I know where you live. And I'm not dying.' And he said, ‘You're fine.'

In the finale, Grace says that Hester looks just like Boone. Had anyone every told you before that you look like Nick Jonas?
[Laughs] No! I will say that I did hear through the grapevine that I was Boone's sister, but I still didn't think that meant that I was the Red Devil. I thought that maybe she got adopted or something like that. But I really kind of think that we do look alike right now. And if you look at photos of my dad when he was like young, he kind of looks like Nick. So I feel like if I couldn't make out with Nick, hey, I'm happy to be his sister.

Scream Queens, Haunted House, Lea Michele, Glen Powell

Skip Bolen/FOX.

Chad and Hester were hot for a minute and then fizzled.
I know! I wanted more of that!

Do you think in season two we'll see more of them? Has she given up on him?
I hope she hasn't. In the scene with Dean Munch it's like, she did her job, she doesn't want to kill anybody any more, she's really happy with Grace and Zayday now. And the world is, everything is as it should be. But I think and I would hope that she would still have it out to get Chad. I really just played Hester like she was obsessed with Chanel. I asked, does she really care about Chad or is she just doing it because that is what Chanel has? And a couple people told me a couple different things. But I think she does. I think if you know Hester now, being raised by Gigi and being siblings with Boone, I think she really sort of liked someone for the first time. And in all her awkwardness, it really sort of unfolded the way that it did. I think that Chad and Hester were a match made in heaven!

Scream Queens


Scream Queens, we're going to miss you and your moments of comedy bliss—hopefully just for a hiatus until you are back next fall.

Just like Chad Radwell, we DO wanna look at it one last time as you walk away...