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Most overrated moment of 2015

Getty Images; Apple; Instagram

2015 was the year of goals (squad, fitness, etc.), the year of Netflix and Chill and the year of that damn dress that tore the Internet a part. Sure, all of those things tickled us when they first emerged, but now that we've hit the end of the 2015, it's time to get real about some of these trends. 

If you've had enough of people hashtagging all their goals, selfie sticks getting in the way of your walk to work and every single ‘90s TV show and movie getting a reboot, then this poll is for you.

Below are 16 pop culture items that took over 2015, and it's up to you guys to help us decide which one is the most overrated thing of the year. Pick one in each matchup and then check back tomorrow for the next round!

Speaking of #squadgoals, Taylor Swift just expanded her own crew: