ESC, Advent Calendar Day 6

A good eyeliner is like a good man: irreplaceable.

However, like the partner of your dreams, the perfect eyeliner can be tricky to find. You've test driven all of the varieties (gel, liquid and pencil), but you've been hard-pressed to stay loyal to just one.

For a hybrid liner that's reliable and long-lasting, celeb makeup artist Suzie Kim revealed her favorite product from abroad—Les Merveilleuses Laduree Eyeliner.

"This super-luxurious eyeliner, only available in Japan and France, is a gel pencil liner that goes on smooth with a rich intense color and does not smudge at all," shared Suzie.

ESC, Advent Calendar Day 6

Whether you want to smoke out your eyes for a sultry holiday look or keep it simple with a classic line, this formula is malleable enough to do either.

So next time you're teetering between eyeliners, do yourself a favor and decisively swipe on this velvety-soft texture. Your field-playing days end here.

You know what they say: You know when you know.

Les Merveilleuses Laduree Eyeliner, $26.12

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