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If Christmas wasn't magical and glorious enough, imagine spending it at mother-freakin' Hogwarts. A group of people we are extremely jealous of got to experience exactly that. According to Time, 200 guests dined on lavish foods in the Great Hall of Hogwarts. Surrounded by stunning Christmas decor, fans of the film also got to mosey around the entire exhibit wine glasses in tow. Meanwhile, we're over here still trying to be excited about the sangria at Olive Garden. *Sobs.* While the article notes the event has already passed, you can vicariously relive the joy with our list of the six most magical things that happen when you get to celebrate Christmas at Hogwarts. Enjoy! 

1. You get to eat like you would if IHOP made it rain free pancakes from the sky. The article says guests could dine on ham hock, broad bean terrine and lasagne with courgette to name a few. I mean, what!? We don't even know what those words mean, but they sound just dang delicious. Fun fact: the article notes guests were presented with with a satisfying mug of Butterbeer with whipped cream for their final course. Pure jealousy. 


The tablecloths have been laid, the festive centrepieces are in place, & there are even crackers too! #DinnerInTheGreatHall

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2. You only end up spending 90 percent of your life savings to attend. $350 to have the literal best time of your life? Junk change. Okay, we're pushing it with that one but hey, isn't there kinda, sorta a massive part of you that would totally fork over all of your cash to be there? Please tell us we're not alone here. 


3.You get to fly to freakin' England. Even if, Santa forbid, you somehow lost your ticket to the Christmas dinner, you'd still be in flippin' England for flippin' Christmas. Can I get an amen?! The Hogwarts set which is located in Leavesden, England is inside the WB Studios. This means when you're done at Hogwarts, you can go see what Prince Harry is doing. We're kidding, relax. No Harry is more important than Mr. Potter. 


#morningcuppa #Hermione #wand #DinnerInTheGreatHall ??

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4. You get some truly dope swag to take home. Time notes in addition to the lavish meal, guests got to take home a wand of their choice. Depending on your favorite character, you could pick from Harry's, Hermione's, Lord Voldemorts and Professor Dumbledore's. LIVING.  


5. You get to literally live like HP and the crew for a night. Do we even need to go into specifics here? Just drool over this Instagram and experience the glory for yourself. 


HOGWARTS IN THE SNOW!!! #hogwartsinthesnow #hogwarts #harrypotter

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6. This one is the most obvious, but we have to say it regardless. The best thing about celebrating Christmas at Hogwarts is the fact that you get to CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS AT HOGWARTS. Come on, people! 

How much would you fork over to spend the holidays like HP? Tell us in the comments!

Check out this tour of the Harry Potter castle! 

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