Coco, Chanel


Coco's daughter was born just one week ago today, but she's already managed to kill it on social media.

Chanel Nicole was not only the youngest person on Twitter to start her own page at one-day-old, but she also has her very own Instagram account…and it already has 144K followers. Yes, while we're over here praying to make it to double digits, this seven-day-old child is racking up over 18K likes per pic…le sigh.

But hey! To make you feel better, she is the famous daughter of Coco and IceT. Not to mention, she happens to be completely and utterly adorable, and her photos are almost too much to handle.

In fact, let's check out her 9 best pics on Instagram so far:

1. Fresh out the womb and already this cute:

I got daddy's dimple....

A photo posted by ChanelNicole (@babychanelnicole) on

2. Can you even handle these dimples?

Not 10 minutes out the womb and I'm posing

A photo posted by ChanelNicole (@babychanelnicole) on

3. Cuddling with mama:

Just born and sharing a skin to skin contact moment with Mom

A photo posted by ChanelNicole (@babychanelnicole) on

4. The tiniest little thing in daddy's arms:

Moments after I was born and all ready in dads arms chillin!

A photo posted by ChanelNicole (@babychanelnicole) on

5. This outfit is everything:

As long as I hold my daddy's hand I know I'll be safe

A photo posted by ChanelNicole (@babychanelnicole) on

6. No human should ever look this precious while sleeping:

Taking my "1st days" hospital pics they don't realize I need my beauty rest.. Man,do I have a full head of hair!!

A photo posted by ChanelNicole (@babychanelnicole) on

7. That smirk!

8. Chillin' with her brother, Sparticus:

9. Already posing for the holidays:

My little munchkin makes the cutest faces! She has a big personality

A photo posted by Coco (@coco) on

Coco announced the birth of Chanel on Nov. 28 with a first photo of the baby. This is the blond bombshell's first child, while IceT has two children from previous relationships and is also a grandfather.

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