James Corden and Niall Horan had the frights of their lives Thursday night.

The Late Late Show host had One Direction on his late-night show where he invited them to play a game of Tattoo Roulette. Basically, the four pop stars and James each had to choose a box. Four of the boxes had the word "safe" inside while one had "tattoo." Whoever had the box with the word "tattoo" had to get inked right there on the show.

If Corden picked the tattoo box he would've had to get "1D" tatted onto his skin, but if any of the singers got the unlucky box he would've had to get "Late Late" inked. Neither Niall nor James has any tattoos, so they were practically sweating through their clothes with nerves.

"Your hands are actually shaking," James told Niall.

"It's my first time on TV," Niall joked. 

James Corden, One Direction


At least his sense of humor remained in tact!

The Into the Woods actor made sure each of his guests were OK, but seeing as most of them have tattoos already they weren't nervous at all! "I'm actually fine," Harry Styles told the British host.

Both Harry and Louis Tomlinson seemed to be looking at the situation from a "YOLO" point of view, figuring the odds were not in their favor. "It's just going to be another stupid one," said Louis, referencing some of his more regretful tattoo choices.

One by one the members of One Direction and James open their boxes to reveal their fates, but who was the one who had to get inked? Watch the video to find out who had the pleasure (or curse) of getting tattooed on The Late Late Show.

Spoiler alert: Someone really does get inked.

A lot of stars have openly spoken about their tattoo regrets, including Kaley Cuoco. Watch to find out which meaningful tattoo she had covered up.

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