Introducing the newest and youngest member of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's beauty team!

As the former Jersey Store star continues her popular YouTube series, fans are getting an inside look at her makeup routine. This time, however, it's with a pretty cute twist.

In a new video posted Wednesday afternoon, Snooki's 3-year-old son Lorenzo is put in charge of getting mommy pretty with an assortment of supplies. The results may just surprise you.

The routine starts off calm with eye shadow and blush. Things get tricky, however, when Lorenzo is asked to put the lipstick on.

After he can't find his first choice lipstick color—it's blue people!—the mother-son duo settles on purple before completing the look with contouring.

Snooki, Lorenzo, Instagram


"I feel so pretty. You're really good at that," Snooki told her son before the big reveal. "Should I hire you as my makeup artist now?"

After turning her chair to face the mirror, Snooki is visibly shocked with the results. "Lorenzo, you're fired," she joked. "I look like a clown." LOL!

On the bright side, the reality star's son is unbelievably cute as he treats his mom to a makeover. And yes, those terrible twos Snooki described earlier this year appear to be long gone.

"I love him to death, but he's a pain in the ass, he's going through his terrible twos," she joked to E! News earlier this May. "He talks back to me, he doesn't listen, but the good thing is he's terrified of timeout…so if he ever acts up, I'm like ‘you're going in timeout' and then he stops."

As for her beauty routine, she'll leave that to the professionals next time. "That was really good babe," Snooki reassured her son who had a big smile on his face. "I'm proud of you."

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