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Terrific or terrible twos? Whatever it is, Fergie is about to find out!

As the former Black Eyed Peas singer continues to work on her new solo album, Mrs. Josh Duhamel made plenty of time to celebrate her son's second birthday Saturday afternoon.

In a rare Instagram post, the "L.A. Love" crooner showed just how stylish her son has become as she shared a candid shot of Axl.

"Happy 2nd bday to my little maverick Axl Jack Duhamel," she wrote on social media. "#imtwofoo."

Whether it's his United States army jacket, bold-face sunglasses or killer mohawk, Axl may just be the coolest kid on the block as he turns another year older.

Josh Duhamel


And for those wondering who we can give credit to for that sharp fashion sense, it turns out Josh himself is quite the dresser for his son.

"Well, he's a boy," he recently joked to E! News when asked which parent picks out Axl's clothes for the day. "I want to make sure he looks like a boy, and not a member of a boy band."

That's not all! Josh already has high hopes that his little one can follow his lead and perfect his golfing skills.

Until then, it's all about the small steps like counting to ten or cheering on the Minnesota Vikings every Sunday.

Get ready, Axl! Game day returns sooner rather than later!

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