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We apologize ahead of time for what's about to happen to your Instagram feed.

If you thought it was overloaded with selfies before, just wait. It's only going to get worse. But there's also some good news: If you decide to take a selfie it's going to be vastly improved—if you get the new iPhone 6S of course.

Whispers of what this mysterious new phone will include have been swirling for weeks now. Will it be pink? Will it be rose gold? Is Siri finally going to get her s--t together? Well there still aren't a lot of answers (and there isn't a release date yet either), but we're feeling very encouraged by the latest piece of news to hit the rumor mill.

According to 9to5 Mac, the front-facing camera is going to get a huge upgrade on the new phones. The best feature? There's finally going to be a flash! Never again are you going to have to settle for a dark, grainy selfie just because you don't happen to be standing in front of professional photography lights. Think of the opportunities—selfies at concerts! Selfies at museums! Selfies during a blackout!

Oh and don't worry, it's not going to be a retina-damaging blinding light; instead, the front of your screen will emit a glow to lighten you up. Technology!

The front-facing camera will also be able to do panorama shots now, but you'll probably be too busy with your flash-selfies to notice. Here we come iPhone 6.

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