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Married to Medicine star Jill Connors, a mother of three sons, has been ordered to go to rehab for substance abuse and undergo domestic violence intervention treatment after she was arrested for alleged battery against husband and plastic surgeon Dr. John Connors and cruelty to children at their Georgia home.

The alleged incident took place on Aug. 13 and none of the kids were harmed physically. Police detained Jill, 38, a day later and booked the Bravo reality show star in jail. She was released the following day.

John told police he found text messages on her phone from another man and that they began to argue, during which he said he would take their children, if he needed to, People and said, citing a police report. The outlets reported he also told authorities she then began punching him in the face, scratching his chest, arms and neck and that when he called 911, she allegedly began cutting her arm and chest with a kitchen knife, screaming, "He's cutting me!"

Jill has not commented. When police spoke to her, she allegedly told them, "I hit him. I started it, I know."

"Jill went on to say that they were arguing about her affair with another male," People quoted the police report as saying, "Jill said John threatened to take the children, and she became very upset. Jill said she was so angry with John that she struck John in the face, and she scratched him on his body. Jill said she was really scared that he would take the children from her."

She told police that her husband had "grabbed a knife and started to cut her on the arm and chest" and when asked to describe how, she was unable to, saying, "It all happened so fast, and I don't know how it happened. I do not know where the knife is," People said.

John suffered mild injuries, including a swollen lip and visible scratches, reported.

Police arrested her on suspicion of misdemeanor battery and family violence and two counts of cruelty to children, because she allegedly allowed two of the couple's kids to witness the confrontation, court records show.

On Friday, a Georgia judge ordered Jill to undergo 24 weeks of domestic violence intervention at a court-approved treatment facility and also complete a substance abuse assessment and treatment program as soon as possible. She is due to report on her progress at a compliance hearing on Oct. 6. Jill has not commented.

The couple is now separated. On Aug. 19, six days after the confrontation, Jill filed for divorce from John, court records show. 

Jill joined Married to Medicine for its current third season. It is unclear if and how the issue will affect the show. An insider close to the series told E! News Jill will attend the season reunion, which is taping soon.

Meanwhile, two of the Connors' co-stars have taken to Twitter to express their support.

"I love you, stay strong and I'm praying for you, your family & marriage! #Married2Med @Bravotv The Devil will not win!" Jill's friend Toya Bush-Harris wrote to her.

"Disappointing to pile on when our friends/associates are going through a difficult time. Praying for the Connors!" tweeted Cecil Whitmore, husband of cast member Dr. Simone Whitmore.

But co-star Lisa Nicole Cloud was not as supportive.

"OW! Omg....Is it possible now she had something to do with strip club set up! ijs," she tweeted, to which Bush-Harris replied, "Lisa u of all people, STFU!"

—Additional reporting by Chirs Harnick

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