Caitlyn Jenner might be ready for romance!

In an exclusive preview from Sunday's brand-new episode of I Am Cait, Caitlyn and close friend Candis Cayne meet with a matchmaker to explore their options for finding love. Although Candis initially set up the meeting for herself, she persuades a reluctant Cait to join in on the exercises!

Professional cupid Louie Felix instructs the ladies to take a chemistry analysis test and write down the qualities they desire in a long-term partner, using percentages between 1 and 100.

"Why am I doing it?" Caitlyn asks hesitantly. "You're doing it just for fun," Candis replies. "We're not naming any names."

During the exercise, Caitlyn honestly admits, "Physically, I don't know where I'm at." 

Louie tries to help by asking, "Do you take time to get to know somebody before you determine if you're attracted to them or do you know immediately when you see them?" 

Watch to clip above to find out Caitlyn's response!

Catch I Am Cait Sunday at 8 p.m., only on E!

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