Dismaland, Twitter


"Dismaland: A place where all your dreams come true." Ummm, maybe?

Banksy's new anti-theme park could be the place where all your dreams come true—so long as your dreams involve rusted-out buildings, dying princesses and mobile homes as rides. And maybe they do! If so, you'll love the new commercial that the street artist just released. We've all seen the pictures of Dismaland, but this new video gives a whole new look at the creepiness. And it's pretty awesome.

Viewers follow a family of four as they search for that little something special that's missing in their lives...at a theme park, obviously. They excitedly pile into the car and drive straight to Dismaland, where they're greeted with police vans, metal detectors and moderately severe head injuries. We don't know about you but that's how most of our Disneyland trips go, too.

They embark on all sorts of ironically hilarious and totally mediocre family fun which is not only completely amusing but shows off all the creepy little details that make this art installation a cut above the rest. There's the balloons at the gift shop emblazoned with "I am an imbecile." There are exhibitions with rats and messed-up baby dolls on display. There's the aforementioned dead Cinderella still hanging out of her pumpkin. Oh and let's not forget the toy boats full of migrants escaping political and social persecution! 

All those with a wicked sense of humor or just a penchant for the occasional anti-Disneyland chuckle, have a look.

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