Behati Prinsloo, Instagram


What happens when you get your wisdom teeth removed and "Can't Feel My Face" comes on the radio? You obviously sing along—delirious or not.

Such was the case for Behati Prinsloo earlier today. Adam Levine's model wife was heading home from her oral surgery, all bandaged up, swollen and still a little loopy from the anesthesia, but that didn't stop her from getting down to The Weeknd's latest hit!

She took to Instagram to share a hilarious video singing along  to "Can't Feel My Face"...Or at least doing her best with a mouth full of gauze and ice packs stuck to her cheeks.

At one point she pauses from singing and says with a laugh, "I really can't feel my face." Obviously the medicine hasn't worn off yet!

Prinsloo captioned the silly vid, "my perfect day…LOL bye bye wisdoms," followed by a few emojis and the hashtag #icantfeelmyface.

The 26-year-old will probably be out of commission for a little while following the surgery, but she's definitely had quite the summer leading up to it.

Earlier this month she and a bunch of girlfriends (including Amy Poehler) enjoyed a few days in paradise. The gal-pals took a moment to pay homage to Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence by mimicking their human pyramid in one of the most adorable photos all summer!

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