"They see me rollin' / they hatin'...."

Chamillionaire's lyrics from "Ridin' Dirty" are the only thing we can think of while watching this grizzly bear adorably roll down the hill. Fortunately the tourists at Denali National Park in Alaska were enamored of the little grizzly instead of "hatin'", cooing at the sight of the Winnie the Pooh-wannabe having the time of his life.

Life's simple pleasures for this bear seem to consist of grass, steep surfaces and an accidental trip down said steep surface. Little did he know he would become the most unexpected surprise for a lucky group of visitors. Sure, grizzly bears are some of the fiercest predators in the wild, but every now and then even the scariest animals can prove they're capable of having a good time.

Then again, maybe he was just tired! Maybe he just gave up. Maybe he wanted to throw in the towel on walking and just completely went for it, choosing to roll his way all the way down instead of further exhausting himself.

We may never know, but at least we have this video to watch it on a loop. Regardless, we've all been there. Whether it's being worn out or just being a kid, we've all gotten those infamous grass stains as a result of this amazing activity.

Watch the video above to see the adorable bear just completely go for it!

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