Country duo Maddie & Tae first hit the scene with their sassy hit "Girl in a Country Song"—which poked fun of country music stereotypes—and now they're showing off a whole new side with their debut album, Start Here, available on August 28.

Their radio hit "Girl in a Country Song," made major history on the country charts when they became the second female duo to ever hit No. 1 with their debut single. And now their new single is inspired by the journey they've been on from newcomers to bone fide stars. The track is also a refreshingly real, honest depiction about getting older.

Maddie, 20 and Tae, 19 moved to Nashville when they were just 17-years-old! Maddie opened up to E! News about the inspiration for the song, saying, "We had just moved away from home at 17, we were trying to figure out how to pay bills, how to fix things and be completely on our own. So, that was a huge time in our lives where we were learning so much. We were extremely uncomfortable."

Maddie, Tae

The 20-year-old adds that being uncomfortable has been beneficial in the long run, dishing, "I think the biggest lesson that we've learned through this journey is that being uncomfortable is actually an amazing thing. You're growing, you're learning who you are, what you want to be and chasing that dream you have."

The duo was already nominated for three CMT Music Awards this year, and the new album shows they have many layers as artists and will continue to stay on the charts.

The girls haven't put a halt on their fun and sassy songs though, as Tae tells E! News her favorite song on the album is "Shut Up and Fish" which is based off a true story when they asked two of their "guy friends to go fishing."

Tae joked, "They were dressed to the nines, white T-shirts, they didn't know how to fish, they were talking the whole time...obviously we were not having that. So, it was a disastrous day, we did not catch a single fish, but we wrote this song!"

Tae added, "I love the role reversal on this and shocking people, that's what we do, so one of the reasons why I love it!"

The duo is down to earth and their new multidimensional album proves that they're aimed at cementing their place in the country music scene for many years to come.

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