We like the sound of that! 

Brie Bella and Nikki Bella make a little bit of a competition over who can sing the better entrance music and things heat up quickly.  

"I set up a recording session with Jim Johnston of WWE who does all our entrance music, he is like big time in the music world, and I want to sing and I want to do way better than Brie," Nikki explains. 

In the above clip, Nikki tries to calm her nerves before her session by talking to her friend and admits, "It does seem like it would be better with a buzz." Classic Nikki. 

Total Divas

As she attempts to sing her entrance song, things get a little...shaky.

Jim exclaims, "Okay, we're getting there...we're not. I'm lying." 

Watch the above clip to hear Nikki take a stab at the world of singing...

Total Divas is brand new tomorrow, Tuesday, August 25 at 9/8c only on E! 

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