Halle Berry, Tyra Banks

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Some dude totally lost his chill meeting Tyra Banks!

This guy was trying to compliment the America's Next Top Model host on her short new 'do, but he was comically confused when it came to celebrities. As Tyra tweeted it, the "wacky man told me my new haircut looks so sexy and just like gorgeous Balle Herry. Ha! #BalleHerry"

Yeah, that's not a typo, kids. Apparently this presumably well-meaning (yet admittedly wacky) fella thought Tyra's tresses resembled Halle Berry's hair—somehow, though, he fuddled the Academy Award winner's name!

Tyra is now sporting a similar hairstyle to ones Halle has rocked in the past, but other than that, these two attractive ladies don't really bear any resemblance to one another.

And to be fair, Halle, 49, was rocking pixie cuts long before Tyra, 41, hopped on the short-haired trend. When Tyra premiered her first pixie cut earlier this year, she actually had quite the strategy in mind. "I come from the school of hardcore branding and if you are known for something keep that because that is what the public connects you with," she told People at the time. "I had long, golden hair as a high-fashion model, and a Victoria's Secret model and a Sports Illustrated model, and that's how people know me. But great brands tweak their logos and change up their formula, and I said it's time for me to do that."

Whatever Tyra's reasoning was, it looks great! And not to worry, Ms. Banks: We won't confuse you with Balle Herry no matter how you wear your hair!

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