It's been a headline-making week for Heidi Klum

Fresh off her feud with Donald Trump, the Project Runway host appeared on the The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, where she went head-to-head with the funnyman while playing his popular game "Box of Lies." 

As fans of the reoccurring segment know, the rules are simple: each player begins by removing a box from a shelf. Without showing his or her opponent its contents, he or she must decide whether to describe its contents or invent an alternative story on the spot. The opponent then debates its veracity.

And it's safe to say the German beauty isn't a fabulous liar. 

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Heidi Klum, Tonight Show


For the first box, Klum got quite creative with her story, telling Jimmy Fallon, "In my box, is a box with's kind of like a shadow box...and someone chewed gum and stuck the gum on top of the box." 

Fallon guessed correctly when he replied "that's a lie!" at which point the model unveiled a mini bathtub filled with tiny bottles of Fireball whiskey. Cue Fallon and Klum taking Fireball shots! 

Next up, the 40-year-old comedian chose a box filled with a slinky toy and fake money before telling Klum, "It's a jello mold wtih Justin Bieber heads." Klum wasn't fooled, quickly proclaiming "it's a lie!" before choosing the final box. 

The supermodel then removed a piece of turf grass with plastic red lips placed on the top and tried to tell Fallon it was a "burrito" although he wasn't buying it.

Hey, at least she has a great poker face—press play to see who wins the game! 

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