Oddly enough, Donald Trump speaking gibberish in this parody video makes more sense than his statements during the actual debate.

Look, nobody wants to watch the first GOP Debate again, unless you're trying to teach your children a lesson of some kind. In which case, we suggest you show some mercy and punish them another way.

However, the Bad Lip Reading version of these Republicans debating each other is definitely worth a watch so you can see Trump, Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz say stuff like:

"She pooped on the treadmill."
"You just froze a baby! You touched a genital wart."
"I will drink a sorority's gold fish."

Or maybe you just want to see Dr. Ben Carson giggling to himself as he works on a puzzle at his podium. Either way, stay for the end so you can hear the candidates' closing remarks in the form of a short song. "One Wittle Wee Wee" is destined to be future Grammy-winning tune. Count on that.

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