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And we thought drop dead gorgeous was just a figure of speech.

When groom Kevin Kennedy Ryan II and bride Jessie Ryan-Smith shared their wedding kiss, Kevin's little sister and Jessie's bridesmaid dropped to the floor, presumably because the couple was so damn cute. 

The girl is OK, don't worry, she didn't "drop dead," or else we wouldn't be laughing about this matter. 

Along with being awe struck by the groom and bride, the bridesmaid was also dehydrated and facing a whopping 86-degree humid Chicago summer day. 

Kevin told Newsy that while locking lips with his new wife he heard a "calamitous thud."

They say seeing your significant other on your wedding day before the ceremony is bad luck, but having a bridesmaid collapse mid-smooch looks like an omen if we've ever seem one. 

Hopefully everything works out and they'll have the best of luck and, at the very least, they'll have a hilarious picture and story for the rest of their lives. 

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