Anytime we can get more Friends into our lives, we're onboard. Although the show ended in 2004, we still haven't quite accepted it yet, so this unexpected release is a welcome surprise!

A deleted scene, which was originally supposed to air in the episode "The One Where Rachel Tells Ross," was removed because it was meant to air shortly after the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001, and its plot dealt with airport security. Prior to the start of the scene, an opening slide reads, "As part of the history of the show, we hope that the scenes can now be viewed in the spirit which they were originally intended."

The footage shows Monica and Chandler as they arrive at the airport to jet off on their honeymoon, but Chandler notices a sign at security that says people who joke about bombs will be taken into custody. Chandler being Chandler, he couldn't help himself and jokes, "You don't have to worry about me, ma'am, I take my bombs very seriously."

He's immediately detained and questioned.

Friends, TSA


"The sign says no jokes about bombs, but shouldn't the sign really say 'no bombs'?" Chandler asks a TSA agent. "I mean isn't that the guy we really have to worry about here? The guy with the bombs? Not the guy who jokes about his bombs. Not that I have bombs, but if I did I probably wouldn't joke about them. I'd probably want to keep that rather quiet."

After some basic questioning and a thorough check of Monica's luggage—much to her OCD's chagrin—the couple is free to go. That is, until Monica gets into a fight with Joey on the phone and is detained yet again!

While this scene didn't make it to air, the writers found a great way to substitute it. If you recall, as any true Friends fan would, Monica and Chandler make it to the airport but become insanely jealous of the couple in front of them because they get treated to all of the newlyweds specials, such as an upgrade to first-class seating.

To find out whether or not there will ever be a Friends reunion, watch the video below!

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