Everything moves slower in L.A.—including Ashley Hamilton.

When Ashley's girlfriend, Ali Stepka, tries to get the singer to step out of his comfort zone—and house—Ashley proves to be one forgetful stick in the mud.

Stepka, 25, proposes some ideas on how she and Ashley can spend some time alone together, "What are we doing today? Should we go out to eat or go walk for coffee?"

But Hamilton, 40, isn't really up for spending a day out on the town, especially if it means walking. "Nobody walks in L.A.," he moans. But after enough convincing, Ashley agrees, "Alright, I guess."

Before the duo hits the streets of Los Angeles, Ashley seems to have a bit of trouble getting it together to leave. "Give me a minute," Ash says as he searches for his wallet...and keys.

And just as Ashley and Ali make it out of the house, Ashley realizes he still left his wallet (and Ali is totally over the drama!).

Watch the deleted scene above to see how Ali reacts to Ashley forgetting his wallet!

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