Ah, yes, the Iowa State Fair. Where every politician running for president shows us how they're just like the rest of us.

Over the weekend Carly Fiorina was seen shucking corn, Donald Trump took kids on his private helicopter, Hillary Clinton ate a pork chop and Jeb Bush blew his Paleo Diet by scarfing down a fried Snickers. 

Even Marco Rubio got into the Iowa folksiness. 

At a campaign stop on Monday, the presidential hopeful tossed the ole' pigskin around with a group of kids. Unfortunately for one of the children, the game ended on a sour note. The senator threw the ball to a boy and it hit the youngster in the face. Ouch! After the football bounced off his head, the child fell to the ground.

Bloomberg captured the accident on video, and said the kid was just fine after the incident. 

Daily Mail reports that before the game, Rubio spoke to his supporters about his family's ties to football, saying "So, my sons are supposed to be in football practice right now. And I told them, you will practice today, I just didn't tell them it would be in Iowa."

While attending high school in Miami, Rubio was a star football player, and even earned an athletic scholarship to play at Tarkio College in Missouri. He left the school after a year, and returned to his home state to attend the University of Florida.

Seems like Rubio's next football toss might be with a Nerf ball.

Watch Heidi Klum respond to Trump's diss that she isn't as hot anymore in epic fashion.

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