Ice T, Coco Austin

Anders Krusberg/ Warner Bros.

Need to spice things up in the bedroom? Well, we have the two perfect people to help you out.

Ice-T and Coco have been very open about being absolutely smitten with each other for the last 15 years, and during their new talk show, Ice & Coco, the soon-to-be parents shared a little wisdom when it comes to bedroom play.

More specifically, what it takes to get a little freaky.

"I think this goes for a woman who's a freak in the bed and a man who's a freak in the bed. I think the main thing is if you're willing to ask your partner what does it for them and then you're willing to do it, then you're falling in the freak category," Ice-T told the audience during today's show.

"A lot of times when you just meet somebody, you can't get truly freaky. That's why it takes a little time to get comfortable with that person. Then you might want to tell that girl, 'Come in here with that cheerleading outfit and them roller skates," he added. "You might want the man to put some oil on, some figure skates or something."

Figure skates? Hey, to each his own. Watch your fingers.

Ice-T continued, "If the other person is willing to accommodate you, I'm sure it's going to be freaky. I think sex is only dirty when it's done right."

Coco, who completely agreed with her hubby, added, "That's true...I always say once you figure out what your man or your woman really loves, do it the best you can do it! Do it to like the hundredth power! If he likes licking the elbows..."

"Lick it, baby," Ice-T interjected. "Lick it like real good," Coco said. "Take it to another level and he'll love you forever."

Ice-T then schooled everyone on how to set the mood (are you taking notes?).

After asking to put on some "mood music," the co-host said, "then you gotta drop your voice down to this FM…get it real quiet and stuff. Then we can get real sexy up in this room. It's a quiet storm. Ice-T is gonna make it happen for you baby...You feeling strong and sexy right now, yeah it's gonna go down. Crazy. Better check the Richter Scale, something's about to move up in this house."

Did it suddenly get hot in here?

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