We're already excited for Fuller House, but San Francisco must be itching even more for it as the San Francisco Giants paid tribute to the original series, Full House, Friday by recreating the intro!

In a hilarious twist, the Giants have transformed the famous song into Full Clubhouse, featuring your favorite baseball players. While some are dressed in uniform and prepping for a game, others are in the locker room playing guitar—Brandon Crawford, are you channeling your inner Uncle Jesse?!

Other players who make appearances include Hunter Pence, Matt Duffy, Jeremy Affeldt and more recreating the original show's intro scene by scene. Whether it's a player adjusting a picture frame or throwing a Frisbee, the Giants absolutely nailed their remake. The team tweeted the video with a caption that just as creatively plays on the original lyrics as it does the video.

"Whatever happened to predictability, the #Duffman, the paperboy & evening TV. It's here, #FullHouse," the team tweeted.

Full House


Three teammates even went so far as to recreate the picnic scene on their baseball field, bringing the red-and-white checked blanket with them! Out of all the scenes to mimic, this had to be the best one because they're enjoying some delicious-looking noms! We spy with our little eye and entire baguette.

But the best part of the whole video comes in the last 15 seconds when one of the show's original cast members makes a cameo in a San Francisco Giants jacket! Who is it, you're wondering? None other than David Coulier! And not only does he bless us with his presence, he also does something else.

Watch the video above to find out what Coulier says, and check out the video below to compare!

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