Tom Brady court sketch

Jane Rosenberg

Tom Brady ended up on the receiving end of a courtroom sketch artist's Post-Impressionist pen today.

While the suspended New England Patriots quarterback looked perfectly dapper in a suit and tie when he arrived in federal court in Manhattan for a hearing in his team's lawsuit to reverse his suspension, something apparently happened to the four-time Super Bowl winner and model when he stepped inside and took off his sunglasses.

Because once seated, he ended up looking like Raskolnikov as interpreted by Vincent van Gogh.

Who apparently was a Colts fan.

Tom Brady court sketch, Van Gogh

Jane Rosenberg; Photo12/UIG via Getty Images

"Best Thing on Twitter Today: A courtroom sketch artist drew this picture of Tom Brady... it wasn't his best effort," read the caption on ESPN's Mike and Mike's Instagram account, easily the understatement of the day as well.

Because the oddly glowering, menacing figure that was supposed to be Brady—as interpreted by sketch artist Jane Rosenberg—of course brought out some of the best that the Internet had to offer within moments, the distorted visage meriting all sorts of spot-on comparisons, as well as standing in for E.T., Munch's The Scream and more iconic images. Here's a sampling:

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