Little Mix


There are a few instances in life where no matter how hard you try it's just impossible to look cool.

Biting into hot pizza, sneezing, being attacked by a massive girl group-hating insect... no one can be expected to remain chill during these situations!

That was the dilemma earlier this week when British pop group Little Mix was attacked by a bothersome bug while trying to harmonize.

While performing their song "How Ya Doin?" in Phoenix, the singers encountered a bug that just wouldn't leave them alone.

Each of the ladies had their own over-the-top reaction, mostly screaming and running, while Jade Thirlwall got to practice some sexy hair flips to try and get it off her head.

Perrie Edwards' way to helping? Taking off her shoe and swatting at Jade's head. Whatever it takes, girl!

Eventually the ladies were able to move forward from this harrowing event, though Jade later admitted on Twitter that she's "haunted for life."

We're just happy to see the ladies smiling and having fun as they hit the road following Perrie's recent split from Zayn Malik...

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