Hamster, Disneyland


World, meet Tiny Hamster.

If you're new to the adorable furry critter turned Internet sensation, then you're in luck.

Tiny, or Mr. Hamster if you're nasty, just became one of the teensiest visitors ever to swing by (OK, crawl by) Disneyland.

Between meeting Mickey Mouse, seeing all of the theme park's most exciting rides, snacking on all of the finer foods that the Happiest Place on Earth has to offer, the video of Tiny's day-o-fun is not to be missed.

That's right, the web's favorite little rodent got to try out Disney's rides scaled right down to his size—now that's some serious VIP action if we do say so ourselves.

There were even hamster-sized dishes for Tiny to indulge in, like the most miniature turkey leg and churros you've ever seen before with your very eyes.

But don't take our word for it, you guys. Watch the video above and get ready for your heart to melt at first sight of Tiny's major adventure!

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