Brownie Butter Oreos


Oreo does it again!

There's no more need to be scraping your kitchen bowl when making brownies for that gooey, delicious batter, because Oreo has created a pretty perfect alternative: the brownie batter Oreo!

The company shared on twitter, "Guess our secret's out of the mixing bowl. Introducing new #BrownieBatter flavored #Oreo cookies, in stores now!" 

The sugary confection is comprised of crunchy Oreo cookies with brownie batter flavored crème filling, perfect for dipping in a chilled glass of milk. Yup, we're already drooling...

Brownie batter is just one of the flavor creations that Oreo has been introduced into its classic cookie line—for better or for worse.

The new flavor joins the ranks of many other creative creations from the Oreo team, including: peanut butter cup, marshmallow crispy, pumpkin spice, red velvet, fruit punch, limeade, cookie dough, and watermelon Oreo cookies.

And with their latest addition, we're curious what combination is next for one of the world's most famous cookies?

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