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Oh Fantastic Four, what are we going to do with you?

The rebooted superhero flick premiered this weekend to, er, lackluster reviews from the critics. Pretty much nobody liked it, and those who did enjoy themselves while watching the movie did so out of a purely wicked sense of humor. After all, watching something crash and burn does have a bit of an entertainment value.

Fantastic Four was so widely panned, in fact, that we thought surely that was the worst that could happen. When you've been crapped on by everyone from Variety to The Hollywood Reporter to your own director, the only place to go is up, right?


During screenings of the flick on Friday night, CinemaScore, the company responsible for what's become an industry standard way of rating audience reaction to movies, conducted its usual post-show polling. Audiences gave Fantastic Four a measly C-, which is easily the worst grade that a superhero movie for a major studio has ever received. That's right...the worst.

Even superflicks of yore that did terribly at the box office (cough Catwoman...cough The Green Lantern have received mildly respectable scores in the low-to-mid-B range. How far the mighty have fallen.

But that's not all! Fantastic Four has even further to fall, because we haven't even told you about the box office earnings yet. Miles Teller and the gang only managed to bring in $26 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which makes it one of Marvel's lowest openings. Sure, it's just one weekend, but it's hard to see how this movie can get back on its feet. 

In other words, no matter how tired you were at your desk today, you're definitely not having the worst Monday.

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