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Bill Rancic is wife Giuliana's biggest fan. 

In honor of the 40-year-old anchor's last day on E! News, the 44-year-old entrepreneur penned a touching love letter to his wife, applauding both her career and the way she's used her public platform and her personal struggles to help others.

"People don't give Giuliana enough credit, she's got a master's degree in journalism, she's brilliant and just gets it," the doting hubby writes in the post titled "Giuliana: Why I'm So Proud." "The rest is history. From that point on, she took control and turned things around. That's what the greats do. They don't hesitate, they just know, it's incredible." 

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Bill Rancic, Giuliana Rancic


Bill also recalls the first time he met Giuliana "in 2004, just for a minute in passing" before the two hit it off on a red carpet years later. 

"A month after we started dating, I was hooked..." he writes, sharing an anecdote about the time they were caught in Chicago downpour. "Looking back, it was only a special moment because it was with her. That's love, the person makes the moment, not the other way around."

Anyone else a little jealous of G right now?! 

"Look, I could go on and on about Giuliana," he continues in his touching tribute. "But when people come up to me and say, 'Tell your wife, ‘Thank you.' I went in and got a mammogram because of her.' That's her legacy. That's why I'm the luckiest man in the world. She helped make a difference in people's lives. Handling breast cancer with such class, such bravery. She turned a negative into a positive and used her microphone wisely.

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Bill Rancic, Giuliana Rancic

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"We also chose to go public with the infertility issue, a time when it wasn't talked about," Rancic adds. "People would come up and whisper to us, 'I've dealt with the same thing'...That's a wall she helped break down, as well. That was something we did together but I give her the credit, it was something she wanted to do."

He concluded by writing a heartwarming letter to the "love of my life." 

"The way you are on that red carpet, asking questions that everyone wants to ask. Handling the pressure..." he says. "The talent, the professionalism, and you're doing it live. I'm biased, but to be honest, there's nobody better than you.

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Bill Rancic, Giuliana Rancic

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"Even in recent months, through some of the harder times, you showed nothing but grace under pressure," he continues. "You've dealt with worse and you've taken the high road, when others wouldn't have, something you always do...That's something that makes me love and respect you even more."

Rancic ended the letter by saying he "wouldn't miss today's taping for the world" and calling this transition the "beginning of something bigger." 

"I'll close by saying my wife is the definition of the American Dream. A dream that's become even more important in recent years. She came to this country at a young age and could barely speak English. All the kids in her class laughed when she stood up at 8 years old and said she wanted to be an award-winning anchor someday. No one is laughing now."

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