Our hearts go out to YouTube vloggers Sam and Nia

Three days after the couple made headlines for their viral pregnancy announcement, the two revealed in a heartbreaking video that Nia suffered a miscarriage. 

"We were just so happy…We were just so overjoyed and it was like a huge celebration, and then it just – bam. It just hit us like a bomb," Nia says in the opening of the clip as she fights back tears. "Those of you who have experienced miscarriage before, I can relate now. I have felt my womb empty out. I never, ever, ever knew women felt that way." 

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Sam and Nia


Last week, Sam and Nia, who first began vlogging in 2007, shocked the Internet with an epic pregnancy reveal after Sam stole his wife's urine and broke the news to her that they were expecting a baby. The adorable clip has since garnered more than 11 million page views and stands in stark contrast to the emotional clip which was uploaded on Saturday.  

"The hardest part is knowing that it's really gone—there's no question," Nia said as she sobbed before sharing how she hopes their story will help others. 

"Maybe there's someone out there who's going through this with us. The Bible says to weep with those who weep and mourn with those who mourn. I am mourning with those of you who are feeling this," she continued, adding, "I've never experienced what I went through with Sam last night. For the first time in our relationship and our marriage we grieved together." 

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Sitting beside his wife in bed, Sam also choked back tears and shared how the experience has made him appreciate fatherhood even more (the couple are parents to two young children). 

"I feel like also through this tragedy we've become closer as a family," he revealed with emotion in his voice. "Mourning together like this has made us stronger. It's made me appreciate my children more. This morning when I woke up I just loved on them so much." 

He added: "We're obviously going to continue and try to grow our family. It's not going to stop here."

Wishing Sam and Nia all the best during this difficult time. 

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