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Steve-O's good intentions have landed him in jail...again.

The 41-year-old Jackass star was arrested in Hollywood last night after a dangerous stunt he pulled protesting SeaWorld, E! News has confirmed.

On Sunday night, Steve-O climbed a crane towering over 100 feet above the street, toting an inflatable whale and a sign protesting the controversial animal theme park. Steve-O posted multiple videos of the stunt on his Facebook page. One short clip shows him high up in the air with police and fire trucks surrounding the crane. According to NBC, who was first to break the news, officers weren't sure if Steve-O needed rescuing at first.

Anyone wanna bail me out of jail?

Posted by Steve-O on Sunday, August 9, 2015

He was later arrested when police concluded the whole thing was a dangerous, SeaWorld-opposing stunt.

Prior to his run-in with the law, Steve-O posted a pic on Instagram with the caption, "This is Shammy. We're gonna do a big dangerous stunt tomorrow in Los Angeles that will probably get me in a lot of trouble, and you can watch it happen at 7pm PST via a live stream on my Facebook page. #SeeYouAt7pmTomorrow #yeahdude."

He also posted videos on Facebook. "Anyone wanna bail me out of jail?" he wrote late Sunday night.

This isn't the first time Steve-O has protested SeaWorld with a risky stunt. In August 2014, he climbed a freeway exit sign in San Diego to write "Sea World Sucks" above the busy highway.

Steve-O, Sea World Freeway Sign


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